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Mugshots of “The Usual Suspects.”

My “Cereal Killers and Biscuits of Mass Destruction” series shows how, through the use of bright colors, catchy phrases and fun loving animated characters they seduce the consumer, especially children, into buying their product. I composed the paintings to mimic a mugshot of the usual suspects, Froot Loops SAM, Frosted Flakes TONY, Lucky Charms LUCKY and CAP’N Crunch HORATIO.

I find it absolutely ridiculous that our society accepts the massive consumption of these addictive, sugar laced cereals in our everyday lives.

"My fascination with neon signs began years ago while driving down the I-5 heading to California. I soon discovered these iconic symbols of a bygone era in America were hidden gems hiding in plain sight. I can only hope to give these nostalgic treasures the justice they deserve by applying my technique of vibrant color use and capturing the intense light and shadows that the neon tubing's cast."


twenty-five years of painting oil on canvas